Evaluations and rankings are a great interactive tool for parents, players and fans in general.  Our NCAA compliant service allows us to provide the ultimate exposure experience for boys and girls 8th grade and up.  We provide reports to an in depth list of college coaches at all levels.

For the players under the 8th grade level we evaluate players and rank them on our Up & Coming Performer List.  This list is comprised of the numerous players we see at various tournaments, camps and leagues.

Our Event Calendar is constantly being update.  It will keep you informed as to which events we will be covering and which events will be hosted by Scouting World through DPR Events.

Youth Basketball Of America

As the official scouting and exposure partner to YBOA, Scouting World is able to assist the long standing traditions of YBOA.  The experience of Scouting World and its staff is now able to provide a broader light to the talented athletes participating in YBOA.  

In this first year, we will be covering many of the Super National Qualifiers (SNQ’s) along with the National Championships.  We will also be hosting scouting/exposure camps.