About Us

Our Approach

Scouting World is a compliant scouting service. We are one of the few services that evaluate boys and girls. We provide an interactive platform whereby parents, players and fans can visit our website to view player information and updated rankings.

How We Work

Scouting World offers a mix of free information and subscriber information. Starting at $6.95 a month fans may access select content and view content such as player evaluations, select video content, early notification of evaluation camps and events…and more.

Meet the Team

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Leslie Toole

Lead Evaluator

Leslie has written evaluations for several services and publications. Leslie has 20 years experience in identifying potential talent for various collegiate levels.

Mike Linzy


Mike Linzy has a world of experience he brings to the team. With 10 years of basketball insight, Scouting World is proud and excited to have his expertise writing for us.

Timothy Barrett


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